In 1978, DICSA was established in Pontevedra (Spain) as a construction company.

However, this is merely DICSA's formal date of establishment, since its origins date back to 1928, with the birth of Juan Ramírez Casalderrey's CarpEntry Workshop, which brought a handful of top artisans together to focus on transforming and applying wood. Subsequently, in 1961, under the leadership of Juan Ramírez Piñeiro, the current JRU Group president, it expanded its scope in the sector, with the goal of catering to an increasingly diversified and sophisticated demand. This dream became a reality with its establishment as a company that provides a comprehensive range of construction services.

This constant evolution, which characterises us as a company, is evident in our ability to transform and take on responsibility by constantly improving our productive processes, as well as in the excellent professionals who have worked with us throughout the years and who continue to do so now. All of this makes DICSA the current leader of a set of companies of a multidisciplinary nature that continues to honour the artisan tradition that has always defined us as capable of providing original and unique solutions to each problem that arises and which continually enhance our "know-how", which can be divided into three overarching areas of expertise, all aimed at offering a professional, effective and thorough response to each project.


In the construction realm, DICSA-led companies work in the following areas:

  • Rehabilitation and Restoration
  • New Construction
  • Civil Engineering
  • Decoration and Remodelling

DICSA's scope of action covers both public and private construction, and it is highly specialised in the rehabilitation and restoration of Heritage of Cultural Interest. This is an area in which we have vast experience and prestige, as evidenced by our work for a number of different public entities such as the Xunta de Galicia (Galician Regional Government) and its various offices, councils and town halls, as well as for other public entities and companies like S.A. de Xestión do Plan Xacobeo, S.P.I. de Galicia, Servicio Galego de Saúde, and the Consorcio do Casco Vello de Vigo, among others.

We have completed major projects in this area, including the Centros de Interpretación da Cultura Castrexa de San Cibrao de Las (San Cibrao de Lás Castro Culture Historical Houses) in San Amaro – Ourense and Campolameiro – Pontevedra; the rehabilitation of the exterior areas of the San Simón and San Antón Islands in Redondela; more than several dozen restorations of churches across Galicia, as well as of pilgrim guest houses, under the Plan de Xestión do Xacobeo (Santiago Pilgrim Management Plan), such as Casa Grande de Lusío in Samos – Lugo and Casa da Torre in Redondela, which won the Galicia Architects Association Restoration Prize.

It is worth noting other work, like the rehabilitation of the Camilo José Cela Foundation House in Padron and the rehabilitation of the south wing of the Santo Domingo de Bonaval Monastery Complex to accommodate the Padroado do Museo de Pobo Galego (Board of the Galician People Museum), as well as numerous private rural tourism guest houses, such as “Pazo da Buzaca” in Moraña (Pontevedra) and “Pazo de Cea” in Nigrán (Pontevedra).

Additionally, we have rehabilitated buildings to become dwellings, such as in the case of the construction work undertaken in Vigo's old city on San Sebastián, Ferrería, Abeleira Menéndez and Canellón do Estreito streets. We have done something similar for the private sector, including Vigo's Constitution Plaza Building.

In the area of civil engineering, DICSA has developed and executed various projects for renowned clientele like Unión Fenosa and Repsol Petróleo, S.A.

In terms of Building, DICSA has handled projects like the construction of 162 luxury apartments in Baiona – Pontevedra, several court buildings throughout Galicia, the Nuclear Power Plant Office Building in Almaraz – Cáceres, the local fire station in Porriño – Pontevedra, and the New Border Crossing Building in Puerto de Marín – Pontevedra.

DICSA MADRID is responsible for projects involving the remodelling and outfitting of commercial establishments. This company has an extensive track record in the sector and has become an expert in remodelling commercial sites and offices, as well as maintaining a network of banking entity offices.


DICSA is leading the way among a group of the sector’s prestigious companies, thanks to its ability to meet the following targets:

  • Create value for our clients by responding promptly to their requests, developing new projects and quality services, providing them with precise technical assistance and complying with established deadlines.
  • Gear business objectives toward affordability by reducing costs, optimising purchases, continually enhancing processes, and taking advantage of internal and external synergies.
  • Work as a team to foster the development of personal skills and internal communication.
  • Promote a high-quality business culture, environmental protection, risk prevention, professionalism, ethical conduct and respect for others.
  • Build relationships with providers that are based on trust and collaboration.


DICSA has the following quality, environmental and occupational health and safety certifications



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