Although it was formally established in 1978 as Hidroeléctrica da Freixa, S.L., it was in 1990 when our company was named HIDROFREIXA.

Its activity focuses on the renewable energies sector and, in particular, on mini-hydro energy, and it is currently operating hydroelectric power plants located on the Verdugo River in the Municipality of Ponte Caldelas, with a total installed power of 11.45 MW.

One of these installations is a renovated power plant that was handed over in the late nineteenth century, a period in which the electrification of Galicia began, making our company a pioneer in the electricity sector.

Hidrofreixa's activity is all inclusive, covering the identification of resources, project development and subsequent implementation and management of the utilisation.


Tel  »  +34 986 852 750 - +34 986 862 952
Fax  »  +34 986 862 304
E-Mail »  hidrofreixa@jruempresas.com

Calle 2, Parc. B-62 - POL. IND. CAMPIÑO