PLANIN, S.L., started its activity as a development company in 1998, when it began to develop the Fraga Residential Complex project in the city of Vigo, which included the construction of 3 buildings on the block of the former Fraga Cinema in Vigo, with a total of 133 homes, commercial premises and garages.

Once the Fraga Residential Complex was complete, Planin's activity as a development company was put on hold, and it now focuses on the property management of an extensive portfolio of own properties, consisting of homes, offices, commercial premises, industrial premises and garages, available for rent and for sale.

Our scope of activity covers the entire national territory; however, there is a greater incidence in the Pontevedra-Vigo area where most of the properties we manage are located.

  • Fraga Residential Complex

    Garage parking spaces located on the first floor basement of the Fraga Residential Complex in Vigo with entrance via García Barbón Street and exit via República Argentina Street.

  • 5 Policarpo Sanz basement

    Building located at number 5 Policarpo Sanz Street in the centre of the city of Vigo, consisting of a basement floor, three lower ground floors, ground floor, mezzanine or first floor and seven more floors.

  • Plaza de España third floor

    Floor used for offices with a useful floor area of 77.37 m2. Distributed into 2 offices and toilet.

  • Plaza de España second floor

    Floor used for offices with a useful floor area of 75.22 m2. Divided into reception area, 3 offices, toilet and archive.

  • Plaza de España Attic

    Attic floor used for offices with a useful floor area of 40.00 m2. Consisting of area for office and toilet.

  • Médico Ballina-Lérez

    Commercial or industrial premises located at No. 61 Avenida Médico Ballina in Lérez - Pontevedra, with access from the entry/exit roundabout to the city towards Santiago de Compostela.

  • Velázquez Moreno

    Commercial premises of 464.15 m2, consisting of a basement of 182.11 m2, ground floor of 175.81 m2 and mezzanine of 106.23 m2.

  • Fraga Residential Complex, premises 6, 8 and 9

    Commercial premises with entrance via the public square Fernando Conde Montero-Rios in Vigo. The premises marked 6, 8 and 9 on plan 1A are currently available.

  • Fraga Residential Complex premises 12

    Commercial premises with entrance via No. 16 República Argentina Street in Vigo. The premises marked 12 on plan 2A is currently available.

  • Plaza de España

    Residence of 184.00 m2 useful floor space, located on the third floor of No. 1 Plaza de España in Pontevedra.

  • Segovia Street

    Garage parking spaces located in the basements of Edificio Pontevedra on No. 43 Segovia Street in Madrid.


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